Mandala Waterfall

About 2 years ago, I went to a beautiful small waterfall in Cilacap City, Central of Java, Indonesia. These are the pics. You can see, the waterfall is small enough, and the most incredible is, the waterfall is very clean and natural…. Read More ›

Sunset in Ratu Boko Palace Temple

Sunset in Ratu Boko Palace Temple

Ratu Boko Place Temple is located in Yogyakarta Special District, Indonesia. Near one of Indonesian UNESCO World Heritages, Prambanan temple, this palace is on the top of the hill. Makes this place very suitable to watch the sunset. Here is my photo, taken from more than 2 years ago when i was being in clinical rotation in a hospital there.

The Floating Market of Muara Kuin

The Floating Market of Muara Kuin

Just now, I changed the header of my blog. Why? I just want to show the beauty of my country, something specific which u will never ever find in others, 😀

This is floating market of Muara Kuin, Banjarmasin, South Borneo, ID.
People do their marketing activities on the boats. The sellers use boat and so do the buyers. The activity starts after Subh pray and will finish at about 9 am.

PS: I took this photo from the other blog