Me, myself and what I like to do



I am an academician, a medical doctor….

But in the end, I am a girl who like knitting, drawing and travelling.

Knitting, I am the beginner level. Study it from Youtube… anyway, thanks all of my teachers from Youtube!

Drawing is the time to out all of my ideas, if I have ideas. But it will make me free, show all of emotion, bring out all of the colors… and having fun 😀

I have a dream to  go around the world, Allah’s world… see how big the world is and share the beauty in His land. I want to go to Mekkah one day, to do hajj 😀

My native language is Malaya (Indonesian, yeah that is my country!)  and also Java language. I can few dialects of Java language, but in my daily life, i like to use Yogyakarta/ Solo dialect.

I have studied Japanese, had ability to read, write and speak in Japanese. But I think my ability decreases as I never use it. I also study Arabic (Standard and Cairene dialect), hope I can be expert in this language. Not as my Japanese… 😦

You can contact me in or just leave comment in this page.

Please don’t blame me if I have bad English language. That’s not my native language. Anyway, lets study together 😀

So, all constructive and positive comments are accepted!




3 replies

  1. Dear Dr. Briliana Nurrohima

    Greetings from Dr. Eisa; It is my pleasure to be with you any where

  2. You are Welcome, I am lucky that I am your contact, hope to see you soon, first in Gottenhiem German….
    Did you get a ticket ? let me know to confirm hotel room ?
    Today I will send you the latest about “Perfect Education ….” please re-do it and sent it excel file

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