Batik Kompeni, influenced by Europe

Kompeni, from the word company, is the other name of Dutch when colonize Indonesia. Have colonized for about 350 years, the cultures of these two countries assimilated together, created art in batik, named “Batik Kompeni” .

First time when Batik Kompeni was created is quite unclear for me as for sure the Dutch was everywhere and assimilated in entire Indonesia. However, after searched and read many references, most probably Batik Kompeni was invited firstly in Cirebon, West Java and Pekalongan, Central of Java.

Batik Kompeni began to spread in 1840. Dutch people or Europeans arrived in North Beach and involved in the batik industry in the mid-nineteenth century to batik bussiness. Batik Kompeni was once reputedly invented by Dutch businessman during the colonial era first. Some of Dutch Batik businessmen were Mrs. B. Fisher, Mrs. SW Ferns, and Mrs. R. Scharff van Dop.

Different from other Indonesian batik motifs are generally expressed in the form of stylized, the Dutch batik motif present in tangible form such as flowers, animals, airplanes, ships, soldiers marching bear arms, and so on. The characteristic motif is usually about life Compagnie, such as ancient armies with typical carry gun / rifle, the lives of farmers, traders. The bottom line is characteristic motif Batik Kompeni tells the story of life, either ancient or time during the Dutch colonial era now.

This is the example of old Batik Kompeni. Concept of cosmological design incorporates three realms: heaven (aircraft), land (trees and humans), and marine (boat) which together form the universe.

batik kompeni

Now Batik Kompeni has a variety of batik creations, from about the variety of marine life, transport to telecommunications.  All depends on the crafter’s imagination themselves.

Here some Batik Kompeni:

batik kompeni 2

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