How to know the quality of the batik

To avoid disappointed after bought a batik, may we know about what kind of things that are important signs of the quality.


  • The fabric should be good, smooth, and strong; there are many type of fabrics for batik. Some good quality of fabrics are silk, primisima/ premise cotton, primisima/ premise cambric (we called it mori) , pineapple fiber (serat nanas). Usually, in the batik label, they will put the fabric type. Cotton and mori fabrics are tend to be rigid as the wax are more prominent. However, there are very comfortable to be used. Not all cotton and mori fabrics have good quality. Please check that they are primisima/ premise, the type A fabrics.
  • The cutting process and the design of the clothes; not all of the tailor know how to sew batik. The good quality of batik design should not cut or interrupt the motif its self. For example the clothes bellowed, the batik motif is not interrupted even there is  buttons places.

President of Republic Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudoyono, is wearing good motif of batik

  • Type of the batik; Written batik is more exclusive and for sure, more expensive than others. Try to look the backward of the fabric, it should have the motif as the forward of the batik. And see the each parts in the batik, there should be different as it is written-perfect less  .


  • Feel the color of the batikTouch the batik. Make sure the colors in the fabric does not stick to your hands. When the color of the paint leaves a mark on the hand, the dyes used for coloring is not good quality. This could lead your batik colors fade.

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