Batik Megamendung


Influenced by Chinese, megamendung is batik from Cirebon which has special meaning.

Motif megamendung initially always has blue and red, describe masculinity and dynamicity of the atmosphere. Blue and dark red psychologically for coastal communities, illustrates the straightforward, open and egalitarian. In addition, the blue color is touted wide color, symbolizes the friendly and calm sky, represents carriers that awaited the rain as the bearer of fertility and the giver of life. The blue color is used ranging from light blue to dark blue, depict that the life of the dark clouds that contain rain water and give life, hoping of prosperity.

Batik megamendung undergone many developments and modified according to market demand. Megamendung motif combined with animal motifs, flowers or other motifs. Indeed, the incorporation of such motifs has been done by the traditional batik in the past. Besides motif, color are now evolving into a wide range of colors, such as yellow, green, brown and others.


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