The Map of Yogyakarta

The Yogyakarta Tourism Mapping

The places should be visited/ seen in Yogyakarta:

1. Borobudur Temple

577392_300858650010442_851952028_nAs one of UNESCO world heritage, Borobudur is the biggest Budha Temple (in the world?). It is located in the top of hill, surrounded by paddy field. Better to go in the morning or the afternoon as usually if i went there at noon, it quite hot.

I have a “secret garden”, in the middle of the alamanda flower 😀

How to go there? hmm by private car/ rent car/ tourism packet. Usually i go there by private car as it is located in the hill and need about 2 hours from Yogyakarta so I dunno about the bus there, sorry. To enter Borobudur, last year for international tourist, should pay about 20 USD and for domestic tourist is about 30.000 IDR. For camera digital, you should pay the other charge.

2. Monumen Jogja Kembali (Monjali) and The Garden of the Rainbow in the night

To be honest, I never enter Monjali and I dunno it’s still open or not for public due to some political issues. In the night, there is Garden of the Rainbow which is suitable for family time (with kids :p)

3. Tugu Yogyakarta

Tugu Yogyakarta is the symbol of the city. For people of Yogyakarta, Tugu is spesial thing which is the target of photography espesially in the night. From the palace law, there is no building which is cover the palace, tugu and Merapi mountain. All should be in one line and King should see the top of Merapi mountain without any problem from His throne.


4. Malioboro street

Malioboro street is another icon of Yogyakarta, the place for shopping. Along of the street, there are many shop and small ones along the street which mostly sell traditional things which are cheap, espesially if you can bargain. But if not, just go to the traditional-seller shop.

There was a blind traditional music player in front of Mutiara Hotel. He played angklung, a traditional music which also in the list of UNESCO. Once upon a time, there are many youngers who perform many traditional music with him in malioboro, beautifuly. After that, i rarely saw the blind player.

jogja 2

After you walk along Malioboro Street, then you will find the beautiful old buildings, which are built by Holland, such as Bank Indonesia, Post Office, BNI, Vrederburg caste, and Yogyakarta Presidential Palace. jogja

From the left side: Indonesia Bank, Post Office, BNI (Indonesia National Bank), Becak, Yogyakarta Presidential Palace, Vrederburg Caste, Beringharjo Market.

In the south corner of Malioboro, there is a shop with 3 floors, Mirota Batik. In those shop, there are many traditional and unique goods which are very interesting to be had. In the top of this shop, every saturday there will be a Heterosexual Cabaret Show, from 19.00-20.30. This is very interesting show and will give u a jaw drop when you watch them give very sexual and interactive ones. Someone who ever watch the show said that the performance always changes, will not give u any boredome. Just pay 15.000 IDR 🙂


5. Taman Sari

Taman sari water castle is the place for the princes play water, swim and take a shower.

6. Prambanan Temple

is the biggest hindi temple in Indonesia. To go to Prambanan is quite simple as you can use Trans Jogja  Bus, just pay 3.000 IDR (5 years ago, hahahaha). Then walk about 100 m to arrive at the gate of Prambanan Temple. For Indonesian you should pay about 15.000 IDR. For international tourist, about 10 USD.

In the evening, there is Ramayana Dance Show. Check the schedule, not everyday they have the show.

7. Ratu Boko Temple

It is quite difficult to go to Ratu Boko Temple, even thought it is near Prambanan Temple, because there is no bus to go there. It is located in the top of the hill which make it one of the best sunset in Indonesia.

8. Keraton of Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta Palace)

Direct from the malioboro, there is Yogyakarta Palace. Several separated complex of palaces should be visited. Okay, there are just in one complex! So, visit malioboro, direct to book the ticket for the cabaret at the night, then go to the palace while you wait on the show.

When you visit these, there will be several obligations. Such as it is forbidden to use hat inside the palace, and you should be with a guide.

9.Parangtritis Beach

Last, Parangtritis Beach which located in the south of this province. Said its sand dunes are  just founded  in Parangtritis beach, the beach is very hot, completed with its wild wives and horse cards. No swimming! Ok?

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