Pure Love, Batik Truntum


The Truntum motif was depicted from jasmine flower. Created by Kanjeng Ratu Kencana, the Queen of Sunan Pakubuwana III, this motif refers as love revitalizing. She created this motif as a symbol of unconditional, everlasting love that continues to grow (tumaruntum).

Because of  its meaning, the cloth with the truntum motif is usually worn in some sacred ceremonies.

At wedding ceremony, the motif is worn by the parents of the bride and groom on the wedding day. It is hoped that the love symbolized in this motif will be passed on the bridal couple. It is sometimes felt that the parents are required to “guide” the bridal couple as they enter new life together.

At the 7th month of baby bearning ceremony (called as Tingkeban/ Nujuh Bulanan), the pregnant woman wears batik and changes seven times. One of them is batik truntum which means as a hoping for the baby to have pure and good personalities.








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  1. I found something similar elsewhere and really enjoyed. Some more of this please! Thx

  2. Hey dear from a femalereader contunue the awe inspiring writing

  3. Hi Briliana, based on production technics, what kind of truntum pattern? cap or tulis?

  4. great pos about batik, i like it

  5. great pos about batik,i like it


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