The Real Stones as Accessories


Gem stones, these are precious stones which are have a higher price than the regular stones. Can be used as a high class accessories, that’s why it is very important to know how to differentiate with other cheap stones.


Gem stones have numerous classes too. Every body know that diamond is a high class of gem. But even in diamond class, there is a low quality too.


Indonesia has a lot of gem stones which can be bought as a souvenir. If you can choose well, you will get the valuable gem stones with low price, or maybe normal price.

In the gem market, there re few types:

  1. Natural stones: gem which are made from natural stone core. The natural stone are sharpen to made the gem.
  2. Synthetic stones:  gem which are made in the laboratories. The low class natural stones are melted and shaped. These have same characteristic as natural stones as well, but for sure, the price are lower.
  3. Imitation stones:  these type is not made from stone, just something which is shaped as stone such as plastic or fiber.


How to differentiate gem stone is very important. There are some ways to do it:

  • If you see gem stones, the real ones have stone fiber inside. Not as glass which is very clear. There are obsidian stone which is called as glass stone. This doesn’t include as gem stone in the stone market. The prize also cheaper but it is very beautiful because it is very clear. Some of the stone as blue sapphire also clear, but usually it still has stone fiber inside of the core even very little. Clearer sapphire  is more expensive.

  • In the gem stones, you will see the flash of light there. Some stones have different flash of light and it is usual phenomena. Sapphire has star flash of light, but Kalimaya gem stone has as flower. The gem stone below is Sand of Gold. The stones are full of gold light, and they re very beautiful.


  • Have you ever compared the real stone with the imitation one? The real stones are heavier than the imitation.
  • Touch the stones with your cheek, feel the coldness and you will know that is the real stones.




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