Mandala Waterfall

About 2 years ago, I went to a beautiful small waterfall in Cilacap City, Central of Java, Indonesia.

These are the pics.

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You can see, the waterfall is small enough, and the most incredible is, the waterfall is very clean and natural. Surrounded by the forest, the waterfall is just be used as water resources.

To go there, we must use motorcycle as the road is very bad. After some times you must park your motor and then take a walk to get there.

When I walked through the forest, sometimes I met some villagers while he/ she was collecting some woods. Don’t worry, you will not alone while walking there. Many mosquitoes will be there. So prepare your self by using lotion to make the mosquitoes don’t bite you and using close shoes.

The water was clean and cold. I didn’t find any waste there.. but in the other hand I did not find the fishes too. That made me wonder.

Anyway, this small waterfall was sweet little piece to go there in my free time.


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