What do you do in your free time? Try this: VOLUNTEERING!

What do you do in your free time?

Open Facebook? Chatting? Sleeping? Or do nothing?

Everybody has capability, everybody can do something to create a peace and better world, without a hunger and war. But how we start?

To be honest, not more then a year ago I became a volunteer. I applied in United Nation Volunteering Website and translating from English-Indonesian is my first job as online volunteer.

There re many jobs which can be applied:

  • Are you online for 24 hours for 7 days a week? There are many NGOs who looking for admin for their page.
  • Can you draw? Why do not try to be illustrator for children books or educational page?
  • Are you expert in IT? Okay, there are many jobs offers to be IT volunteer. Create the website, updating it or just make a simple database.
  • Can you write? Blog, article, proposal…
  • Be a teacher! Hmmm, not bad.

So, in the end… Please use your precious time well. If you can’t do it on site, so do it online. Many things you can do in your life, as be a volunteer.



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