How to Take Care Batik

Batik, is not as our usual clothes. Usually the price is more expensive, and as we already have known, the process how to make batik very complicated, make it special. This is why very worth to take care it in a special way too. The dye and the motif of the batik must be taken care well to make it in its own beauty. This is few tips and tricks how to take care batik.


  • Washing batik by special soap. In Indonesia, we recommended to use traditional soap from lerak fruit (which available as a liquid soap and can be bought in some traditional shops). But if you can’t find it, just use your hair shampoo.
  • Don’t bleach it or use detergent when clean the batik.
  • Better to wash it by hand. Batik can soak at the shampooing water, leave it without rubbing and stirring,  and then hanging on the windy place (no sun light directly). Leave it dry naturally.
  • High temperature can ruin batik clothes. So iron the batik indirectly. You can put another fabric on the batik, and then iron it. This is as how we put perfume or softener, put it indirectly. Cover the batik with newspaper and then spray it. Remember, batik uses natural colorant 😉
  • Anyway, the best camphor is not the “modern” camphor which is sold in the supermarket. Better to use natural fragrance,  as fragrant root, which is cover with a piece of paper.




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