The Fruits You Must Try When Come to Indonesia

Culinary tourism in Indonesia, why don’t you try the tropical fruits? Healthy and delicious, you will get both of them (if you like the fruits :p ). This is the list of the fruits you must try when come to Indonesia. Some of them are from Indonesia, but the other ones are from Southeast Asia.

  • Durian (Durio zibethinus). 

King of fruits. High glucose. Can make “drunk” and higher blood pressure. Have strong and specific smell. Can’t be brought by plane because of the smell. The best one will have bittersweet taste.

Not all people like “The King”.


  • Manggis  (Garcinia mangostana L.)

Queen of fruits. Highest antioxidant. Very fresh and tasty. I think everybody will love her 😉


  • Kedondong (Spondias dulcis)

Kedondong, will be very tasty if we enjoy it in a traditional food called rujak with a hot sauce. To open and enjoy the fruit, just hit it or clamp between the door. The seed as a stone, very hard and has spines. Ok, i give it only a star if you want to eat it alone, and three stars with hot sauce.


  • Jambu air (Syzygium aqueum)

Typical tropical fruit, jambu air has a lot of water. Better serve it cold. Not really sweet, but I like it.


  • Belimbing (Averrhoa carambola)

Star fruit. Contained a lot of water. Very fresh… and sweet.


  • Rambutan   (Nephelium lappaceum)

Rambutan, sweet! Has big seed and hair in the outer skin.


  • Kepel (Stelechocarpus burahol)

I can’t describe this fruit very well. This is fruit of Special District of Yogyakarta, ID. The fruit is very rare nowadays. Just growth in front of old house and palace building. Unique, because the fruit is on the stem . Has good smell and used as perfume. The fruit is bitter, has a lot of seeds (8-10) and we just can eat about 30% of the fruits.


  • Salak  (Salacca zalacca)

Salak has some type: salak pondoh, salak bali, and other kind of salak which I do not remember well. The sweetest one is salak pondoh.  Salak grows well at cold area, a mountainous area. As Merapi Mountain at Special District of Yogyakarta, the villages there produces this fruit as main economic resource. 



  • Duku  (Lansium domesticum)

I like this fruit. It is sweet small fruit. When I taste a duku fruit, I always want more and more. Called as one of the  ID origin fruits, duku palembang is the most famous (Palembang is the name of the city in Sumatra Island).



  • Matoa (Pometia pinnata)

This fruit is already rare. Sweet and tasty, I like this. When I was child, my neighbor had the matoa tree. It’s very big, compared with the fruits which are very small. I miss this fruit, and the problem is, I never found at Supermarket. Maybe I need to look for at traditional market, but I am not sure will find it.


  • Sawo (Manilkara zapota)

My neighbor had sawo tree too (ok, my neighbor had many trees). I liked to climb the trees and harvest the fruits. But, sawo can’t be harvest at ripe. Unripe sawo will be collected and then be buried until it is ready to be eaten. 




PS: sorry, because of the references are too much, i must make as this list.. -_-

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