Month: April 2012

What is Success?

Success is intersection point between chance and capability, When the chance comes, you must have the capability. .: Agnes Monica International Indonesian Artist

Sunset in Ratu Boko Palace Temple

Sunset in Ratu Boko Palace Temple

Ratu Boko Place Temple is located in Yogyakarta Special District, Indonesia. Near one of Indonesian UNESCO World Heritages, Prambanan temple, this palace is on the top of the hill. Makes this place very suitable to watch the sunset. Here is my photo, taken from more than 2 years ago when i was being in clinical rotation in a hospital there.

Striated Batik

Batik also has striated motif which is made in a special way, weaving. Striated batik, well known as a weaving traditional fabric, especially in Yogyakarta and Solo. This motif has its own historical story, but there are just few people… Read More ›