The Garden of The Rainbow

I went to The Garden of The Rainbow of Yogyakarta this evening. Located in the Monjali (Monumen Jogja Kembali), which is one of national monuments in Indonesia, this garden is best to be visited in the evening up to the night.


The garden full of lamps, all has unique and beautiful shapes. Fishes, flowers, animals, buildings and gate are full of colorful lamps, as a rainbow. Some people call this garden as The Garden of The Lampion. Lampion is Chinese lamps, which is made from decorative paper surround the lamp. This garden is not only for family refreshing place, but also uses as pre-wedding site sometimes.

It also has “kuliner” shops (means food court),  the price of the foods are standard for my city, Yogyakarta.

Some games also available in this place, mostly for children.

Don’t forget, here also has fishing pool 😀


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How you get there:

Please notice, most of the people in Yogyakarta know where is Monjali, especially the native people. You can go there with private vehicle and wide parking lot are available. To get enter, you must pay 10,000 IDR for working day and 15,000 IDR for weekend and holiday. These days, 1USD is about 9,000 IDR.

The other choice is you can go there with Trans Yogyakarta Bus and stop in Jombor station. Don’t worry, Trans Yogyakarta Bus is special service for tourists, so they will show you how to go to The Garden of The Rainbow on foot, and it is relatively close with Jombor Station.

At Monday-Thursday, the garden opens from 5 pm till 10 pm. But, in the weekend, Friday-Sunday, it opens from 5 pm till 11 pm.


You can visit the site at

PS: The URL language is in Indonesia :p and Taman Pelangi means The Garden of The Rainbow.


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  1. This is wonderful ..i like it 😀


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