Batik Madura


One day, I got a new clothes. This clothes is made from Batik Madura, a bright yellow one. I had few clothes made from Batik, but this is my first time got Madura’s Batik clothes. When I got Batik Madura, I started to wonder about this type of batik.
Madura Island, located in the East Java, this island has four provinces: Bangkalan, Sampang, Pamekasan, and Sumenep
Karapan Sapi, is the symbol of Madura Island. Today it becomes one of famous tourism attractions in this Island. The attraction means the hard work of the farmer when cultivate their land.
Batik is one of Indonesian’s heritage which is already designated as Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO on October 2, 2009. As part of the acknowledgement, UNESCO insisted Indonesia preserve their heritage.
Honestly, Batik not only found on Indonesia, but also found in many countries such as China, Malaysia, India, Egypt, etc. Indonesia’s Batik its self is influenced by others because of the diversity and histories of Indonesia.
There are many kind of Batik types which named from the place where they come, such as Lasem’s Batik, Indramayu’s Batik, Pekalongan’s Batik, Yogyakarta’s Batik, Solo’s Batik, Madura’s Batik, etc. Every types of Batik has its own characteristics which depict the people’s activities and traditional values.
The characteristics of Batik Madura that we can see at a glance are in its colors and patterns. Madura, is an island located on the East of Java. Mostly, Maduranese works as a fisherman and very religious. Famous, they have hard personality.
The color of Madura’s Batik is brighter then others. It has bright red, yellow, biruh (mean green), and blue. They used natural color and soaked it at a gentong-like bucket (gentong is a bucket, round, made of burn soil, and usually to keep water) in a long time to produce its special color. Not as another ones, Batik Madura soaks for about a months until a years. Not only it will make a bright color, but also will make the color stay the same in the longer time.

The Master Piece of Batik Madura, Gentongan Batik


The patterns of Batik Madura showed their daily activities. It shows a lot of variations at its motifs: plants, animals, or both. The famous motifs of Madura’s Batik such as Sekarjagat, Keong Mas, Matahari, Daun Memba, Gorek Basim Kerabah Sapeh, Sakereh, Kempeng Saladerih, Padih Kepa’, Manik-Manik.

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