Sekar Jagad, One of Batik’s Design

Sekar Jagad is one of batik’s design.
The meaning of this motif is showed the diversity of flowers and graces in this world. As its name, sekar means flower and jagad means world. In the batik, you will find the design is divided into few “islands”. Each island has its own pattern, it can be flower, animal, rain, mountain, etc. This is why sekar jagad shows the world itself.
Old Sekar Jagad that is claimed more than 70 years old. The price is about 1.700.000 IDR (170 USD)
This motif can be found in many kind of Batik.
Sekar Jagad Yogyakarta and Solo
Sekar Jagad Yogyakarta
Sekar Jagad Solo
Jogjakarta’s batik has characteristics from its colors which is dominated with brown and white.  Solo’s sekar jagad batik nearly same with Jogjakarta’s batik.
Jogjakarta’s and Solo’s batik is also called as Keraton batik. Keraton means palace. Batik grew in palace as clothing and garment product. Usually every single motifs has its own meaning and also shows the position of a person. Jogjakarta’s and Solo’s batik motifs and characteristics are nearly same. This two cities have Palace which is connected in the history.
The colors are very limited. Usually brown (called coklat soga) and brown (biru nila) on the white or ivory background.
Sekar Jagad Lasem:


Honestly, the characteristic of Lasem’s Batik is showed in its red which looks like a chicken blood. The artist who can make this color is become rare now a days. Another characteristic of this batik is its motif which as a proof of Chinese influence in Javanese’s cultures.



 Madura’s Sekar Jagad Batik



is showed its characteristic in its bright color. Bright yellow, bright blue and bright red. The motif is relatively simple compared with another batik because this batik originally for fisherman.

To know more about Batik Madura, check this out:  Batik Madura

Tasikmalaya’s Sekar Jagad Batik (Tasik Batik)
Tasikmalaya has few batik, there re Sukapura, Sawoan, and Tasik batik.
Sukapura looks like Madura’s batik which has a lot contrast motif’s size and color. People said Sukapura batik is more rough, traditional, with has not fine color. But people from south Tasikmalaya mostly are the fans of this Batik.
Sawoan batik dominated with brown color, looks like Yogyakarta’s and Solo’s.
And about Tasik batik, it has bright color as show courageous of fishermen.
One of batik carnival is Solo Batik Carnival (SBC) which held every year at Solo, ID . The Third Solo Batik Carnival has Sekar Jagad as its theme.
This is another Sekar Jagad which i can’t find enough references to discuss about its characters.
Batik Sekar Jagad Pacitan with Natural Color
Batik Sekar Jagad Sidoarjo

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