Freshwater Pearl from Lombok Island


Freshwater Pearl Liontin


This afternoon i bought a gift for my lovely Mom, wanna send it with another birthday gifts for my Dad and Bro :D. Honestly my Mom’s b-day will come in this month, but it is ok to send her something with no reason. Just send her some gifts…


I wanna buy her a necklace, pearls necklace. Hehehe.


I knew about this necklace first is when i was on the one of the beachs in the Center of Java. It ‘s in Cilacap, named Teluk Penyu Beach. I saw a lot of accessories, asked to the seller, and they said it is freshwater pearls. Wow! That made me wonder, as it was the first time i notice about freshwater pearls.

When i bought it, i asked to the sellers, how i know the pearls are genuine. She told me what should i do.

  • So the way to check the pearl is burn it. The fake pearl will be melted and broken. And i did it to the pearls which i bought, and wow… it’s stay the same as before.

Later, i know the other ways to check the originality of pearls.

  • U can try to scratch the glass with pearls. The genue will still good and leave powder on the glass.
  • Try to bite it. Pearls will still good too.

White and Pink Freshwater Pearl


And of course, if u ever know and touch genuine pearls will can differenciate the fake and real ones. It is different from the texture, shapes, color and also the weight.

At that time, i bought a necklace and a bracelet for my Sis 😀 for about 60,000 IDR ( 1USD is about 8,000-9,000 IDR)

Lombok’s freshwater pearls have alot of shapes. There’re round, tear drops, keshi (like button), biwa (plates one), and barok (abstract). A round and smooth freshwater pearls have higher value. But, anyway, u can’t find the same shapes of pearls. And it is very variable. Sometimes on the surface of the pearls, can be found the grooves or the part which has texture. It is very usual on the freshwater pearl.

The best pearl has smooth surface and usually much more expensive. I got a pendant made of a good pearl and it’s about 150.000 IDR! Bought it from Lombok island.


And for about the color, there are many kind. Such as black, cream, pink and also white.

Finally, i did not buy necklace, hehehe. I found another interesting ones, few accessories from genuine pearls, 3 pins with a ot of freshwater pearls. I choose yellow, orange and black ones :D. Hopes my Mom will like it… And i bought them for just 40,000 IDR. Well, not expensive but sweet enough.


PS: Lombok is an island located near Bali island, ID


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